Cara Donovan: “The Veteran”

Cara is a New Jersey native and a senior in Animal Science. 4 years before coming to CSU, Cara made the devastating decision to become a vegetarian. Two years into her employment here at Ram Country Meats, she came to her senses and reconverted to a full-fledged meat-eater. In her spare time, Cara enjoys the homely pursuits of rugby, power-napping at key locations on campus, and GTL (google it #NewJersey4life). She is an avid lover of ugly dogs, trampolines, Christmastime, and well-priced airline tickets.

Holland Russo: “The Crazy Chicken Lady”

Holland is a junior at Colorado State University studying Animal Science and Agricultural Business. She grew up in Broomfield Colorado where she found her love for agriculture, livestock, and poultry. Her hobbies include: buying chickens, raising chickens, showing chickens, hugging chickens, eating Chick-fil-a, getting chicken tattoos, and watching videos of chickens. Holland hopes to find a career within the poultry industry at JBS Pilgrim’s Pride, once she graduates. Until then, she will just dream about chickens.

Motto: “Eat Mor Chikin”—Chick-fil-a

Kacey Buttrick: “The Trackstar”

Kacey grew up in Fairplay, CO and is now a junior at Colorado State University studying Animal Science and Agricultural Business. She showed a hamster once at the Denver County Fair. Her favorite cut of meat from Ram County Meats is the good ole ribeye! Favorite animal… turtles of the sea.

Motto: “Will run for meat” –Kacey Buttrick

Jamie McKinley: “The Disney Nerd”


This is Jamie McKinley she is an Animal Science and Agricultural Literacy major at Colorado State University, planning to look for a career in the Department of Agriculture. Originally from the south end of the golden state, where she learned that sheep are the best creatures in the world, Disney is life and the Zoo is the best place to be. Her favorite cut that ram country meats offers is the flat Iron.

Motto: “if you can dream it… you can do it” – Walt Disney