In 1959, the current Animal Sciences Building, which now includes the Meats Laboratory, was completed. The facilities are complete with an abattoir, cooler, cutting and processing room, freezer, taste panel room, and kitchen. – Quick Links – Online ordering page Meet the lab employees In 1995, the abattoir portion of the meat facility in the Animal Sciences Building was converted to a carcass-viewing classroom to accommodate larger classes and to provide needed teaching space. Along with removing the livestock harvesting facilities from campus to be relocated at a remodeled packing plant five miles from campus.

The multidisciplinary nature of the Meat Science Program at Colorado State involves expertise in meat-animal behavior and handling; meat-animal growth and development; meat-animal carcass composition, quality, evaluation, classification and grading; meat chemistry; meat processing and restructuring; meat microbiology, preservation, and safety; nutritional aspects of meat; and extension activities to communicate to the public the relationship of meat consumption to human health, as well as safe meat-product handling and preparation. This all allows the program to be among the top three Meat Science Programs in the United States.