In 1959, the current Animal Sciences Building, which now includes the Meat Laboratory, was completed. The facilities included an abattoir, cooler, cutting and processing room, freezer, taste panel room, and kitchen.  In 1993, the abattoir portion of the meat facility in the Animal Sciences Building was converted to a carcass-viewing classroom to accommodate larger classes and to provide needed teaching space. Along with removing the livestock harvesting facilities from campus, an outside meat processing facility was purchased and used for slaughter needs associated with teaching and research until 2006.  In 2013 a fundraising campaign was approved and design began on a food processing building to include harvest, fresh meat processing, ready-to-eat processing, retail sales, student commons areas, a culinary facility, sensory evaluation, chemistry laboratories, offices, conference rooms and a carcass viewing classroom adjacent to the newly remodel Animal Sciences Building.  After a lead gift from JBS USA, Construction started on the JBS Global Food Innovation Center In honor of Gary and Kay Smith and will be completed in December 2018.

The multidisciplinary nature of the Meat Science Program at Colorado State involves expertise in meat-animal behavior and handling; meat-animal growth and development; meat-animal carcass composition, quality, evaluation, classification and grading; meat chemistry; meat processing and restructuring; meat microbiology, preservation, and safety; nutritional aspects of meat; and extension activities to communicate to the public the relationship of meat consumption to human health, as well as safe meat-product handling and preparation. This all allows our group to be among the top programs in the United States.