Ram Country Meats is proud to offer 100% American Wagyu beef.  This beef is of the highest quality and flavor. Colorado State, Department of Animal Sciences has partnered with Brush Creek Ranch out of Saratoga, Wyoming to bring this amazing product to your home. The cattle are raised by Brush Creek Ranch and processed at Ram Country Meats. The Wagyu beef we offer comes from both the Akaushi and traditional, black hided, Wagyu breeds, both of which deliver excellent marbling, tenderness, and overall flavor.

About the Beef:

Wagyu beef is famous for its intense marbling, unparalleled tenderness and mild but delicious flavor. These 100%  Wagyu cattle were born and raised by Brush Creek Ranch, in Saratoga Wyoming. To achieve these characteristics, Brush Creek Ranch closely follows Japanese methodology of raising cattle. Brush Creek Ranch works very closely with the Colorado State University Department of Animal Sciences leading team of ruminant nutritionists and geneticists to ensure the cattle are of the highest quality.  The cattle are harvested through Ram Country Meats at the JBS Global Food Innovation Center and fabricated by student employees.

About Brush Creek Ranch:  

Brush Creek Ranch is an unforgettable, fully-immersive culinary adventure that starts and ends with The Farm at Brush Creek, an integral component of the Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection. Learn new skills alongside the experts at The Farm’s suite of ranch-sourced seed-to-table experiences.  For more information please visit brushcreekranch.com.

About Our Partnership:

A portion of the proceeds from the Brush Creek Ranch Wagyu boxed beef sales goes to benefit the CSU Meat Judging team.  The Meat Judging team is a group of undergraduate students that compete against other universities at a national level. The student judge beef, pork, and lamb, will learn skills pertaining to USDA beef yield and quality grading, IMPS specification, and written reasons.  Proceeds will cover contest registration, travel, and practice material.

*Please note that individual items cannot be purchased, all purchases must be made by choosing one of the box options, then additional add on’s may be made.

For all product inquiries or for more information, please email meatjudging@colostate.edu.


Wagyu Cattle at Brush Creek Ranch; Saratoga, Wyoming