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How the sale works

See something you are interested in? Click on the product to see item description, weight ranges and pack size.  We work hard to train our student butchers to be as accurate and consistent as possible, so ultimate weight comes down to live animal size.  Since we are a teaching facility first and foremost, animal sizes and, therefore, cut weights will vary. Our inventory is constantly updated based on what meats we are processing.

Want it? Add the item to your cart then keep shopping until you are ready to checkout. The quantity number shown represents how much of that product we currently have left to sell. After checkout you will receive a confirmation email that we received you order.

Ram Country Meats Turn: Our team will fill your order as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours of placing it.  You will receive a second email letting you know your order is ready for pickup and your order total based on the product you chose and the weight of the product.

Pick It Up: Swing by our “curbside” pickup location, on the south east side of the Animal Sciences building, 350 W. Pitkin Street, during our sales hours: Thursday and Friday, noon to 6pm.  Ring our doorbell and one of our students will greet you, get your order, and complete payment at that time.  All raw product is sold frozen unless otherwise specified.